What is your return policy?


We at IceJerseys.com guarantee your total satisfaction and offer a world-class return policy. Some companies offer 30 days. A few have stepped it up and now accept returns up to a year. Well, we see their 365 days and raise them a LIFETIME! Stop squinting, because your eyes are working just fine and you are indeed reading this correctly. IceJerseys.com will accept items in their original condition (tags included) forever.* Yes, even in 2059 when you'll be taking your autonomous car to LeBron Jr's Hall of Fame induction. Did you stock pile years worth of birthday and anniversary presents during a Cyber Monday sale, only to break up with your boyfriend a year and a half later? We get it. He was cheap, acted differently around his friends and quoted The Big Bang Theory way too often. We'll take back those hoodies, caps and tees, because we don't want you to be stuck with product you'll never use.

We know online shopping can be stressful. We want to take some of that anxiety away by giving you as much peace of mind as possible with lifetime returns.

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